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New Occupant Statement

If you have moved to a location with a Switch Hold, you will need to fill out a form before you can switch to a new retail energy provider. A Switch Hold is put in place by your transmission and distribution utility (TDU) when they have determined that a meter has been tampered with at a premise/address. In addition to filling out and signing the New Occupant Statement, you will need to submit acceptable proof of occupancy. Acceptable documentation includes:

    1. Copy of signed lease
    2. Affidavit of landlord
    3. Closing documents
    4. Certificate of occupancy
    5. Utility bill in customer name dated within the last two months from a different premise

Please send the completed New Occupant Statement along with one of the above to:

Source Power & Gas, LLC
2150 Town Square Place, #380
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Or via fax (888) 557-1296

Source Power and Gas will forward your information to your transmission and distribution utility to request removal of the switch hold so that your request for service may be processed.

Click Here for the New Occupant Statement.

Low-Income Discount Application

The LITE-UP Program is provided by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and is available to qualified individuals to save them money on their electricity and telephone bills. Click Here to learn more and apply online. You may also choose to view and print the form directly from their website.

Chronic Condition/Critical Care Status Application

The Public Utility Commission of Texas offers a program for those with chronic conditions or in critical care. This form must be completed by the patient and the physician. The physician must be the one to send it directly to the patient’s (customer) transmission and distribution utility (TDU). A list of all TDUs and their contact information is provided on the form.

Please carefully follow all the instructions listed on the form. Bear in mind that submission of this form does not automatically result in chronic condition/critical care status. A link to the form is provided Here.

Victims of Family Violence

If you are a victim of family violence as defined by the Texas Family Code §71.004, you can have your deposit fee waived for electricity service. You can find the certification letter here. This letter was developed by the Texas Council on Family Violence and can be submitted via email to

  • Guaranty Form

    • “If you would like the option to waive your deposit and complete an enrollment request, you may do so by filling out and sending us a guaranty form. You can download it here. A customer can furnish a guarantor with good credit who will pay up to 60 days of service if the customer fails to pay the bill. Once complete, please contact (888) 557-0065 or email Proof of good credit for the guarantor will also be required.”

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