The Naughty and Nice Lists – Appliances

Naughty and Nice List for AppliancesWe recently told you how you can find out how much energy your electronics and appliances consume. Today, we are going to look at a few appliances that are commonly found in homes and how much energy they consume, essentially writing up a Naughty and a Nice list for them!


Naughty: 3.5 Ton Air Conditioner (10,530 kWh/year)       

Nice: Evaporative Cooler (1,150 kWh/year)

Air conditioners use a lot of energy and they are built to cool an entire house at once. Evaporative coolers cool just a single small room, so using one in whatever room you are in can make a big difference in the air temperature while providing big savings on your bill.


Naughty: Portable Heater (630 kWh/year)

Nice: Furnace and Fan (66 kWh/year)

Portable heaters come in different forms, but the small ones with a fan built in can circulate the warm air. Like evaporative coolers, they are best suited for small rooms. If they are used in a large room, you will not really feel their effects unless they are blowing right on you.


Naughty: Stove/Oven (750 kWh/year) 

Nice: Microwave (190 kWh/year), Slow Cooker (144 kWh/year)

Ovens use a lot of energy, and that energy gets wasted with improper use, such as wrong size pans on heating elements and opening the door while food is cooking. Microwaves are more task-oriented, and thus use very little energy, even though their wattage rating is only half that of an oven. The secret is that microwaves cook very fast, so they do not use nearly as much energy. For even more savings, a slow cooker can be used. The best part is you can prepare dinner in the morning, put it in the slow cooker, and when you get home, it will be ready!

Any of the appliances listed above, both naughty and nice, can be improved further by purchasing an Energy Star Certified version of the appliance. Energy Star only certifies appliances that are at least 20-30% more efficient than a model of equivalent performance.

Want to save even more money on your home electricity? Here is a bonus for the Naughty and Nice List:


Naughty: Competitors (Up 14.2¢ per kWh)

Nice: Source Power & Gas (As low as 9.2¢* per kWh)

*Price is an example and is dependent on plan selected, service area, and other possible factors.  Please check our website for the latest rates for your area.

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