Taking Your Money Back from the Grinch

Savings with Holiday Energy TipsHas the Grinch been stealing your holiday merriment by racking up charges on your energy bill? Do the lights not seem as bright because all you see is glowing dollar signs? It is time to take your money back from the Grinch! We have some holiday energy tips to help you weed out the naughty electronics, and get some nice ones that get the job done and save you some money.

Lighting is a major part of the holiday season not only because of all the festive lights everywhere, but also because it is getting darker sooner. Pretty much all of the holiday lights available these days are LED, which saves on electricity. We have talked about holiday lights before and how the LEDs compare to incandescent strands. Suffice it to say, LEDs are brighter, last longer, and consume less than a fifth the amount of energy of an incandescent strand. But it does not stop at holiday lights! LEDs can save energy year round by consuming a lot less energy. They are also better than CFLs (the curly bulbs) because they are more versatile. They last longer than CFLs and do not need a period of time to warm up when turned on. Furthermore, LEDs are unaffected by turning them on and off in quick succession, such as in a hallway.

Entertainment centers can really Grinch-ify the holiday season, because even when they are off, they are still “stealing” electricity. Cable boxes, something that tends to be on all the time, drain a lot of electricity. Streaming boxes, like Roku, use considerably less electricity and give you on demand access to thousands of shows and movies. For the rest of the entertainment center, like the TV, DVD players, and surround sound systems, keeping them plugged into a power strip and shutting off the power strip can save a lot of energy.

Cooking is another major energy sucker. Stoves and ovens consume a lot of energy, which can really put a damper on the festivities. By using smaller appliances, like microwaves and slow cookers, you can potentially save a lot of energy and money. Finally, heating accounts for about half of your energy bill, but if you have a programmable thermostat, you can cut that amount down by a fair amount. They can be set to more precise temperatures and can be set to turn on and off throughout the day so you do not need to worry if you forgot to shut the heat off before going to work.

Bundle all of this up with some competitive electric rates from Source Power & Gas to really boost the holiday spirit! You have the power to choose your energy provider, so do not get stuck with a Grinch of a company. We are here to provide you with great rates and top of the line customer service. Visit us on the web and enter your zip code to see how we can save you money this holiday season and all year long!


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