Smart Sprinkler System

Our world is more connected than ever before, and that connectivity has been linking the systems in our homes lately. Smart meters allow energy providers to read our electricity use without coming to inspect the meter, smart home systems allow us to control everything from lights to door locks from a smartphone, and now, you can water your lawn with your smartphone. Well, not literally.

Denver, CO based Rachio has designed the Iro sprinkler system to reduce water waste by introducing the world of technology to the world of lawn care. Some people like to water their lawns by spraying water from a hose and some use an automatic sprinkler. For the longest time, the pinnacle of automatic sprinklers was a fully integrated irrigation system. Using sprayers concealed throughout your yard, you could set a schedule for the sprinklers to pop-up and water your entire lawn, even

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Life Hacks, Pt. 1

Life hacks, pro tips, good ideas . . . they go by several different names, but all in all, these tips and tricks are just little ways to make your life a little easier. They range from simple to complex, and some of them can help you cut back on wasted energy (the physical and electrical kind) and money.

Protect Charger Wires — Frayed wires are a problem we face in the world of mobile technology. By wrapping an old pen spring around the wire by the small end of the plug, you’ll keep it protected from bending and fraying.

Wire Management — Bulldog clips (the strong, black, metal clips that fold up) can be used to organize wires, like cell phone chargers and USB cables. Attach them to your desk with the silver metal strips pointing away from the desk. Thread your cables through the silver

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