Close the Fridge Door

Refrigerators are a major energy hog in your home. The average, well-running refrigerator uses about 725 kilowatts per hour (kWh) to operate. By opening the door while loading groceries or looking for a snack, you could be wasting up to 7% of this energy by letting the cooled air escape. When the cooled air escapes, the refrigerator’s compressor needs to replenish it. This means that your refrigerator needs to run longer than it normally would to pump more cooled air in. Leaving your door open wastes 50 to 120 kWh each year. That amount of energy would let you wash your clothes once a week for a year.

This is not only costing you more energy and money, but it’s taxing on your refrigerator. The compressor is the most expensive part of a refrigerator to replace. They can cost anywhere between $85 and $250 for the part

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Life Hacks, Pt. 1

Life hacks, pro tips, good ideas . . . they go by several different names, but all in all, these tips and tricks are just little ways to make your life a little easier. They range from simple to complex, and some of them can help you cut back on wasted energy (the physical and electrical kind) and money.

Protect Charger Wires — Frayed wires are a problem we face in the world of mobile technology. By wrapping an old pen spring around the wire by the small end of the plug, you’ll keep it protected from bending and fraying.

Wire Management — Bulldog clips (the strong, black, metal clips that fold up) can be used to organize wires, like cell phone chargers and USB cables. Attach them to your desk with the silver metal strips pointing away from the desk. Thread your cables through the silver

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