Life Hacks, Pt. 2

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Moving — When moving into and out of a house, take photos of each room: walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors and any additional features that came with your rental property, such as lighting and appliances. This can help if you get charged for damages that weren’t caused during your residency

Trick Candle Lighters — If you’re going camping or plan to have a bonfire in your yard or on the beach, bring trick candles. Light the candle first, then use it to light the actual fire. If there is any wind, the trick candle will relight itself if it gets blown out.

Vacuuming — When you start vacuuming your house, vacuum up two or three tablespoons of cinnamon first. The heat in your vacuum will release the cinnamon scent all throughout your cleaning.

eManuals — After purchasing a

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Life Hacks, Pt. 1

Life hacks, pro tips, good ideas . . . they go by several different names, but all in all, these tips and tricks are just little ways to make your life a little easier. They range from simple to complex, and some of them can help you cut back on wasted energy (the physical and electrical kind) and money.

Protect Charger Wires — Frayed wires are a problem we face in the world of mobile technology. By wrapping an old pen spring around the wire by the small end of the plug, you’ll keep it protected from bending and fraying.

Wire Management — Bulldog clips (the strong, black, metal clips that fold up) can be used to organize wires, like cell phone chargers and USB cables. Attach them to your desk with the silver metal strips pointing away from the desk. Thread your cables through the silver

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Spring into Savings

Spring officially started today, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to help you “spring into savings”! As we start heading into warmer weather, the urge to drop the temperature on your thermostat may be high, but these tips will help keep you cool and keep your energy use low!

Instead of lowering the thermostat in your home, consider using more natural ventilation to keep it cool. If the temperature outside is mild, between 65° and 75° F, opening a window will keep your home comfortable without the need to run your air conditioner. Use fans to increase the effectiveness of the natural ventilation. A fan blowing directly on you helps cool you down thanks to the wind chill effect.

We know light colored clothing helps keep us cooler by reflecting more sunlight off of us. Similarly, cool roofs are light in their color and reflect more

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2014 Resolution: Save Energy

The new year is upon us! This is the time where we make pledges to better ourselves in some way and live life happier. Some will pledge to lose weight, some to learn a new skill, some to find that special someone, and some even pledge to do nothing at all. This year, make a pledge to be more energy efficient. Not only will that help reduce wasted energy, thus helping the environment, but it will also help keep some extra money in the bank. There are several ways you can become more energy efficient, and we’ll show you a few here.

1. Thermostat — Installing a programmable thermostat in your home will help regulate when heating and cooling systems will run. There won’t be any fear of forgetting to turn it off before leaving the house or waiting for it to make your home comfortable right when you

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Give Yourself and Your Energy Bill a Break While Vacationing!

The United States makes up about 5% of the global population while consuming 26% of its total energy. All that energy production and consumption increase carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on the planet and may be linked to climate change. Before going off on a vacation, take a few moments to cut down on background energy consumption while you’re gone.

1.     Electronics: Turning off and unplugging televisions, cable boxes, gaming consoles, DVRs, computers, monitors, and printers will cut down on a fair amount of background energy usage while you’re away. You won’t be around to use them, so give these appliances a rest.

2.     Water heater: Water heaters cost about $4 to $10 per month to keep your water warm. As long as there’s no chance of the pipes freezing, shut down your water heater while you’re away to save a little money and electricity.

3.     Furnace: Setting

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CFLs and LEDs – What Makes Them so Special?

Are you still using traditional incandescent lighting in your home? If you are, then you just might be in the minority. Most people are seeing that the energy efficient bulbs on the market today, even though they are a bit more expensive, have quite a few advantages. Your traditional lighting can account for up to 25% of your energy bill each year, so finding methods by which you are able to reduce this cost is a great first step toward lower energy bills. Fortunately, with CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) and LED (light emitting diode) lights, you have new and better options for all of your lighting needs. Each of these options can serve different purposes and are great for home and work alike.


These are similar to the larger fluorescent bulbs, but they are much smaller and will work with the standard lamps that you might have at the

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Electrical Safety Roundup!

Along with fire, electricity is one of the most useful things that humans have learned to harness. However, even though we may believe that we have power over electricity, it’s still a bit wild, and it certainly is dangerous. Whenever you are dealing with electricity in your home or at your place of business, you have to make sure that you are extremely careful. If you aren’t taking appropriate safety precautions around electricity, the result could be serious injury or even death. Some of these tips might seem like common sense, but it might surprise you to learn just how many accidents happen each year. Always be safe. Here are a few tips that you will want to keep in mind at all times.


Electricity and Water Do Not Mix

Always make sure that you have your electrical appliances away from any source of water. Those who are going to be

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Frustrated with Your Current Energy Provider? Switch to SPG!

When deregulation was instituted in Texas about a decade ago, it wasn’t entirely met with glee.  For some people, they like what is familiar.  For others, they relished that they now had the power to choose their electricity provider.  For many, even the familiar is not enough of a reason to stay with them – especially if their provider isn’t cost-effective or offering them the best service.  If you fit into one of these categories (or any others which cause you to be unhappy with your current provider), now’s a great time to switch to Source Power & Gas (well, it is our blog after all).

The story of energy deregulation began when the U.S. government and the state of Texas joined hands to give the power (pun intended) to the consumer.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  It’s your home and you pay the bills so logic says, you get to

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