Using Thermostat Automation to Decrease Heating Costs

Thermostats are invaluable in a home that is constantly exposed to shifting temperatures year round. They help keep us nice and cool all summer long, and warm and toasty during winter months. Home climate control contributes to half of our energy bills each year because frequently, the AC or heat is left on even while there is no one home. Thermostat automation is a prime method to curbing this wasteful use of climate control systems, and they can even save you a bundle of money.

Automated thermostats, also called programmable thermostats, allow you to set periods of time throughout the day where the temperature settings will change according to the needs of that time. Say, for example, on a typical work day, you want to wake up to a warm home in the morning, set the thermostat to warm up to 70°F about a half hour before

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