Save Energy Year-Round With a Family Gift

Holiday GiftThis holiday season, why not treat the whole family to a warm gift that benefits them year round? Perhaps something to brighten up the holidays and every day? You can do just that by investing in learning thermostats and the latest in energy saving light bulbs! Bring some holiday cheer and energy savings to your home that will put smiles on your faces all year long.

Learning thermostats are powerful tools to reduce your energy bill. Home heating and cooling contributes to about half of your energy bill each month, so reducing that amount can make a big difference. Getting a programmable thermostat can help reduce your energy usage, but a learning thermostat can maximize your savings. Thermostats like the Nest actually pay attention to your climate control habits, such as when the heat is turned on, what temperature it’s set to, and when it’s shut off. Over a short period of time, the thermostat learns your behavior and begins automatically adjusting the temperature to the levels you desire without you needing to do anything. It will learn how to optimize the time frames where the heat or AC needs to run so you get the most comfort for the least amount of energy.

Lighting is another major part of our home, and if you’re still using the old incandescent bulbs, you’re using more energy than is necessary. CFL bulbs (the curly looking fluorescent ones) are 80% more efficient than incandescent, but some people take issue with the mercury content of the bulbs. CFLs also aren’t good for parts of the home where the lights are turned on and off more frequently, such as hallways. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are at least 80% more efficient than incandescents, but constant cycling (turning on and off) does not affect them. They also don’t require a period of time to reach full brightness, unlike CFLs.

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