Major Tips to Save Energy

Major Tips to Save EnergyReady to save some money? Cutting back on electricity waste is a great way to save hundreds of dollars per year.

There are a lot of ways to save on your energy bills from making home improvements, to cutting waste, to changing your energy provider.

Switching your Energy Provider

One of the first things you should be doing is making sure you’re getting the best deal on your electricity.

Don’t let your utility roll you into a provider of last resort (POLR) or a default, utility-supplied plan. These are usually more expensive than a plan you could find.

Every time your plan is up for renewal, shop around for the best rate. You could save yourself a couple hundred bucks a year doing this!

Avoid Peak Hours and Freebie Hour Plans

If you have a plan which varies its rate between peak hours, which may vary by region, you’re paying more during those peak times.

Avoid using high energy appliances like dishwashers, ovens, and washing machines during these hours.

Additionally, try to steer clear of plans that offer free nights and weekends. It may seem like a good plan, but a lot of times it ends up costing you more.

AC and Heat

You can cut back on a lot of energy waste by shutting off your AC or heat during the hours you’re not home and the hours you’re asleep.

If you have a manual thermostat, you’ll have to remember to shut it off before you leave and before you go to bed.

If you have a programmable thermostat, however, you can reap even more savings and keep your home more comfortable at the same time.

Programmable Thermostats

Besides being completely automatic (meaning no forgetting to turn the heat or AC off), programmable thermostats make your home more comfortable and also save you money.

By setting up specific times for the HVAC system to run, you can completely cut out times where you aren’t home or you’re already in bed. And with a digital readout, it’s much easier to set the perfect temperature.

As an added benefit, you can also set the thermostat to start warming or cooling your home just before you get home or before you wake up. This ensures everything is nice and comfortable right when you need it to be, but you can still save energy by keeping it off most of the time.


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