Green Apps for Your Smartphone

Green AppIf you’re looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious or want to be more efficient in planning your day, you may not need to look any farther than your smartphone. There are hundreds of apps available, from seeing what fruits and vegetables are in season to getting rid of junk mail. Here, we’ll look at three apps, two for iOS and one for Android, that can help you in your energy-saving quest.

JouleBug is a game that rewards you for being energy conscious. When you start the game, it asks you to input some information to create an energy profile for your home. Once it has all this info, it starts giving you tasks to make your home more efficient.  As you complete these tasks, you are awarded badges in the game. Tasks can be anything from turning off your computer monitor instead of using a screensaver to cutting back on the time your computer runs each day. It offers this achievement system to keep people motivated to change their daily habits and save themselves up to $200/year.

Light Bulb Finder is a practical and useful app that helps you choose the right light bulb to replace your aging, inefficient, and discontinued incandescent bulbs. The app asks you what type of fixture the bulb will be for and compares the energy usage and money savings of your current setup versus installing new, energy efficient bulbs. You can even order your new bulbs right from the app. Satisfied users have commented that “trying to figure out which bulb is best is a pain. This app makes it painless” and it’s a “great way to find the right bulb for a particular type of fixture. . . .”

PaperKarma could mean the end of junk mail for you. If you’re constantly plagued by receiving junk mail, unsolicited offers, and bulky, unwanted offers, PaperKarma can help stop them from coming to your home. All you have to do after you get the app is take a picture of the junk mail with your phone and click “Unsubscribe” to send it to PaperKarma. They will contact the companies sending you the mail and have you removed from the mailing list. Within a couple weeks, you will not be receiving anything from those junk mailers anymore. Some reviews include “. . . you get an optional email from PaperKarma telling you that the sender has verified taking you off their list” and “PaperKarma has made a huge difference in the amount of junk mail I get.”

There are many other apps to choose from and the EPA has made a page called My Green Apps where you can find one of over 290 apps dedicated to helping save you money and benefit the environment. Check them out to find the right app for you!

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