Energy Efficiency Investments for Business Owners

Workers In Distribution WarehouseA lot of times, people are hesitant to invest in energy efficiency programs and systems because of their upfront cost.

While it’s true that these systems can be costly to implement sometimes, they are a very wise investment that pays off big as time goes on, and not just in the most obvious way.


Did you know that energy efficiency can improve the productivity of employees by as much as 10%?

A comfortable employee is more likely to accomplish a lot more than one who is too hot or too cold to focus on a task.

Many offices keep the air very cold, partly to account for all the people and electrical equipment there, but also partly because people tend to be more awake if they’re cold as opposed to when they are warm.

This has a drawback, however. For one, keeping a cold temperature amid constant heat generation from electronic devices means running the AC all the time. And you may never reach the optimum temperature if it’s set too low.

But beyond that, it affects employees. It can be very difficult to operate a keyboard with any sort of precision and accuracy if your hands are cold. And many women are often very cold in an office where they wear professional clothing that is seasonally appropriate while the male workers where suits or long sleeve shirts year-round.


Upgraded, efficient, hypo-allergenic HVAC systems improve businesses by keeping their employees from getting sick.

Changing out your air filter every month is a good start to improve airflow and prevent debris from causing allergies to flare up, but other upgrades like UV treatment can kill germs that are being circulated.

Improving air quality reduces absenteeism by as much as 50%.

Accidents and Crime

Poor lighting conditions can lead to accidents and increased crime. Keep employees safe with automated lighting systems that light up when motion is detected and shut off when no motion is detected to save energy.

Proper lighting can reduce workplace accidents by as much as 30%.


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