Cooking Up Savings With Crockpots

Crockpot MealDo you know how much energy it takes to cook a meal, or a whole month’s worth of meals? Do you know what kitchen appliances use the least amount of electricity? In this blog, we’ll show you how you can find out how much juice you use, whether you’re making a smoothie or a pot roast.

First, in order to calculate how much your kitchen appliances consume per month, you’ll need to know the wattage of each appliance. Most microwaves these days are about 1100 watts, which means that over an hour, they would consume that much electricity. Next, you need to determine how many hours over the course of a month you use your appliance. Refrigerators are on average about 800 watts and run 24 hours per day, seven days per week. So for that, you’d put down a run time of about 720 hours over a period of 30 days. A microwave would run considerably less, so lets assume an average of 5 minutes per day. That comes to 2.5 hours over 30 days. Now, find how much you pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) on your energy bill. One kWh is equal to 1000 watts consumed in an hour. For this example, we’ll say your rate is $0.10 per kWh.

If your refrigerator consumes 800 watts per hour and runs for 720 hours in 30 days, then it uses 576,000 watts per month, or 576.0 kWh. The microwave consumes 1100 watts per hour and runs for 2.5 hours over 30 days, so it uses 2750 watts per month, or 2.75 kWh. Combined, these two appliances consume 578.75 kWh of electricity, which would cost you $57.88 per month in electricity.  That really adds up!

A conventional stove top with an 8-inch burner uses 2400 watts over 45 minutes to cook brown rice. That same amount of time running the microwave would consume 825 watts. Smaller appliances consume a lot less electricity than larger ones, even when they run the same amount of time, or in some cases, several times longer. For example, the average crock pot consumes about 100 watts per hour. Cooking an all-in-one crockpot recipe over 8 hours will use a little less electricity than a microwave running for 45 minutes, and a third the electricity of a stove top burner running for 45 minutes.


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