Common Electricity Thieves in your Home

power stripIf you shut off every electrical device in your house, then went outside to your electric meter, you would still see the numbers creeping up. That’s because every device in your home that is plugged in is drawing electricity. This is known as the “phantom load” or “vampire effect.” Even if your phone is not charging, the plug connected to the wall is still consuming electricity. According to Cornell University, these energy sucking devices are costing you $200 per year. In this day and age, “off” now means “standby,” and it’s costing you money.

Typically, the average home has about 20 devices that leech electricity in this standby state. They include computers, video game consoles, televisions, phone chargers, and DVD/Bluray players. Anything with a constant display of any kind, whether it is a single LED standby light or a digital clock on a stove, is also drawing power. Some of these things we use regularly, like the digital clocks. But other appliances like DVD players, stereo systems, and televisions are only used at some times of the day. These devices can be connected to a power strip with an on/off switch to truly cut off their supply of energy. By plugging in all of the devices of an entertainment center into a power strip, you can effectively cut power to up to six devices with the push of a button.

Any devices that aren’t used for days at a time, like phone and mp3 chargers, can be unplugged until they are needed. The same goes for can openers, waffle irons, and other seldom used appliances. By cutting back on the amount of time all of these energy suckers are connected to your electricity supply, you will save yourself a good chunk of change each year and will be doing the environment a favor while you’re at it. Investing in Energy Star rated appliances will further reduce your monthly costs for electricity.


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