25 Energy Saving Holiday Gifts to Give, Pt. 3

Holiday Gifts - Energy SavingStuck wondering what to get your family and friends this holiday season? We have a list of awesome gadgets that can save energy and put a big smile on the recipient’s faces (and if you’re getting one of these great gift ideas for yourself, we won’t tell anybody). Energy savings are a year round holiday bonus!

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20.  Rechargeable Batteries — For gifts that use common battery types like AA and AAA, rechargeable batteries and a charger will save on waste and keep your gift recipient happy. 

21.  Space Heater — Most people wouldn’t associate space heaters with energy efficiency, but they can actually save a lot of energy over your household heating. They are designed to only heat a small area, so as long as you’re not trying to warm an entire room, they can save you money.

22.  Blanket — A nice warm fleece blanket can help a family get through a cold winter without having to spend as much on heating. Blankets use no electricity (unless you get an electric blanket, which would still save money over household heating), so they are a great way to save energy while staying warm.

23.  Faraday Flashlight — A faraday flashlight is great for emergencies as it never needs batteries. The flashlight is rechargeable, but it doesn’t need to be plugged in. How does it work? By shaking the light, a magnet passes through copper coils of wire which produces an electric charge. Any time the light starts getting dim, just shake it again to brighten it up.

24.  Energy Saving Guide — Help a family get the most savings by getting them an energy saving guide so they can find ways to cut energy costs around the house.

25.  Inexpensive Electricity — Help your family out and treat yourself to some competitive electricity rates by signing up with Source Power & Gas! Our competitive rates and green energy options can help you save a lot this holiday season and all year long!

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