2014 Resolution: Save Energy

2014 LightbulbThe new year is upon us! This is the time where we make pledges to better ourselves in some way and live life happier. Some will pledge to lose weight, some to learn a new skill, some to find that special someone, and some even pledge to do nothing at all. This year, make a pledge to be more energy efficient. Not only will that help reduce wasted energy, thus helping the environment, but it will also help keep some extra money in the bank. There are several ways you can become more energy efficient, and we’ll show you a few here.

1. Thermostat — Installing a programmable thermostat in your home will help regulate when heating and cooling systems will run. There won’t be any fear of forgetting to turn it off before leaving the house or waiting for it to make your home comfortable right when you get home from work. You can set times throughout the day for the system to run, and even regulate schedules for different days.

2. Solar Power — In the winter months, open up all the shades facing south and west to let in as much light as possible. This will help naturally warm your home and reduce how much artificial light you need to use. In the summer, use light colored blinds or shades to reflect the light that would heat your home too much.

3. Energy Star — Implementing Energy Star rated appliances in your home will reduce your electricity consumption and save you up to $900 over the life of the appliance. Energy Star appliances use 10% to 15% less electricity and water than their conventional counterparts.

4. Lighting — Lighting accounts for about 10% of home energy consumption. By replacing just 15 bulbs in your home from incandescent to CFL, you can save about $50 each year in energy costs, and over $600 over the life of the bulbs. CFLs last about six times longer than incandescent bulbs, and use about one-fourth the electricity.

5. Electronics — All electronics that are plugged in are drawing power. Even if it’s just a phone charger that’s not connected to a phone, power is still being consumed. Save energy by consolidating all of the electronics in home entertainment centers to a power strip. You can completely shut off the flow of power to these vampire devices entirely, saving about $100 per year.

6. Water Heaters — Most water heaters are set to a default of 140ºF. By setting yours to no higher than 120ºF, you will save a considerable amount of energy. Insulating the pipes from your water heater will help retain the heat longer and also save energy.

7. HVAC Maintenance — Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems should be regularly inspected by a professional to ensure they are working properly and have no leaks in the ductwork. Clean and replace filters monthly to improve the efficiency of the system as well. Close off vents in rooms that are not used to prevent unnecessary waste.

8. Energy Audit — Contact a professional energy assessor to fully examine your home and determine where improvements can be made to further increase the efficiency of your home.


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