Three Ways to Save Energy During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again for big meals, lively conversation, and chilly temperatures!

You may be dreading the amount of money you’ll be spending on holidays parties this year, hoping that your budget and belt can take all the food packed festivities.

One way to cut back on your holiday costs is to save energy for the holiday. With all the cooking, there’s bound to be some savings you can gobble up.

By The Numbers

Got a lot of people coming for the holidays? It’s going to get really warm, really fast. Especially if you’re doing all the cooking.

It’s best to drop the thermostat a few degrees before the guests arrive so as not to overheat your home.

All the food that’s cooking will give off heat and the guests in your home will generate heat too, so capitalize on that and keep your energy

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Protecting the Grid from Outages

In a time where cyberattacks seem to be just as frequent if not more frequent than physical attacks, one has to wonder how we can protect our energy infrastructure from both threats.

One threat that has been on everyone’s mind since the Cold War is that of an EMP. A sufficiently large enough nuclear device detonated at a high altitude would knock out power for about a third of the United States in just a few minutes.

The EMP (electromagnetic pulse) would disrupt and fry electrical components in many systems, including vehicles, appliances, and whole energy grids. Anything not shielded against EMPs would be destroyed and have to be replaced.

This kind of threat could collapse society very quickly, as weeks without power become months without power.

So how can we prepare for the future?

Localized, Independent Grids

One of the ways to prevent mass outages from

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Improve Your Home’s Value with Renewable Energy

Looking to save some money? How about improve your home’s value? You can accomplish both by installing some energy efficiency systems in your home.

Energy efficiency can be accomplished by a number of different ways. Among the most common are reducing air leaks in your home, installing more efficient appliances, and cutting back on energy use in general.

Additionally, you can increase your energy cost efficiency by installing renewable energy systems in your home. Solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal heat systems all provide on-site energy generation which means you can rely less on external power.

Why Install On-Site Power?

On-site power is useful for a lot of reasons. For one, it decreases your home’s reliance on external power. That means your energy bill goes down.

Second, on-site power generation means in the event of a power outage, you may still have power. This can be exceptionally

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Last Minute Thanksgiving Savings

Looking to keep your turkey day costs down? The average Thanksgiving Day dinner costs about $50, but that can go way up if you’re not careful and not watching the sneaky ways other costs get you.

Use What You Have

If you’ve already got some Thanksgiving dinner options in your pantry, use them rather than buying new.

Got a bag of russet potatoes from last week’s dinner? Use ‘em! A few frozen veggie sides? Zap ‘em in the microwave! It’s a great way to save money and reduce hassle in the time leading up to Thanksgiving.

Potluck Style

Another great way to save on food costs is to have Thanksgiving dinner potluck style. Whoever is hosting can make the turkey and everyone visiting brings a side dish.

This also helps with managing portions, as you’ll have less leftover because only people who come will add to the

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How to Save Electricity This Thanksgiving

Prepping for Thanksgiving? You can save yourself some energy and by extension some money by following these tips to make your Thanksgiving more energy efficient.

Dim the Lights

If you have a dimmer controlled light in your dining room, keep the lights down as low as possible to set a friendly mood but keep everything illuminated.

Lowering the brightness of your lights helps you save money in two ways: first it decreases the amount of energy used to power the bulb and second it increases the lifespan of the bulbs, meaning fewer replacements.

Maximize your lighting savings by using dimmable LEDs to save up to 95% of your energy usage compared to incandescent bulbs.

Efficient Cooking

Plan to cook all your side dishes at the same time as your main dish. You don’t want something to be done too early then have to sit while everything else

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Keep Warm with Energy Efficiency

Now that winter is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about heating your home. Many in the northern states like Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, and Pennsylvania are already tempted to start heating their homes as the temperatures drop overnight.

If you want to remain comfortable this winter without having to shell out a ton of money for heating, we have a few helpful tips for you.

Cheap Electricity

If your contract for electricity service is up for renewal soon, now is the time to shop for new electricity plans.

The fall is the best time to search for a new plan as it’s usually the time of year when electricity plans are at their cheapest.


If you have a central air furnace that sends heat throughout your home, be sure to replace the filter every one to three months. A clogged air filter

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How Much Can You Save with Energy Efficiency

What sort of savings can you get from improving your home energy efficiency? There are a lot of ways to save, and some can hold big benefits.

Don’t feel like you need to take on everything at once, but little improvements here and there can lead to bigger savings down the line.

Installing Low-e Windows

Low-e windows reduce the amount of heat that passes through your windows using inert gasses to insulate the two panes. On average, you can save anywhere between 12-33% on heating and cooling.

Air Leaks

Sealing up your home against air leaks is an excellent way to save energy. Air can seep out around door and window frames, through chimneys, and even through electrical outlets and light switches.

Using weather stripping and caulk can seal a lot of these air leaks. Altogether, this can save you about 10-20% on your heating and cooling

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Fall into Energy Savings

Looking for some savings as we head deeper into fall? Leaves will be piling up in our yards and an earlier sunset means turning on the lights sooner. We have a few insider tips that can help you save money this season.

LED Lighting for Less

LED lighting is one of the two most efficient lighting sources available for home use. The semiconductor based lighting system provides bright light at a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs and lasts longer than compact fluorescent bulbs.

For a time, LED bulbs were $20-30 per bulb, but that price has been coming down pretty steadily over the years.

Thanks to the increased prevalence of LED in mainstream use, and the lower cost of materials, most bulbs were selling for about $10 each in the past few years.

You could sometimes find a deal on them for about $5 per

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Using Drones for Mundane Tasks

Send in the drones! A YouTuber by the name of Marek Baczynski decided to try replacing a light bulb with a flying drone he had.

The drone had a small claw reminiscent of the claw machines of our youth attached to the top of the drone. On the tips of the claws were rubber grips to grab hold of a lightbulb.

Unsurprisingly, the incredibly fine movements required to perform the task mean a lot of accidents, crashes, and a few broken light bulbs.

The drone would lift off from the floor, and Baczynski would (attempt to) carefully position the drone underneath the bulb so the claw could grip it.

After several attempts (many of which ended with the drone’s propellers clipping the bulb or the ceiling and falling), he was able to position it perfectly.

With a quick spin that appeared almost like an aerial ballet, the

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How to Save Money This Holiday Season

Planning on giving gifts this holiday season? If you’re like most Americans, you’re likely hoping to keep costs low while still finding great gifts. We have a few tips to help you get some spectacular gifts that will put a smile on the faces of your friends, family, and wallet (well, if wallets could smile). 


The first thing to do is set a budget for yourself. Figure out how many people you’re getting gifts for and determine where they fall in terms of gift giving categories: inner or outer circle.

Inner circle includes family and very close friends, while the outer circle would be friends you see somewhat regularly, coworkers, and teachers. Most of the time, you’ll spend more money on people in the inner circle.

Be sure to set a maximum budget for yourself. Keep yourself from going over that budget, and you’ll be good.

Spread Out Purchases 

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