Hunting Vampires for Cheap Electricity

Has Halloween got some energy hungry vampires lurking in your house? Energy vampires are everywhere, from your television, to your coffee maker, to your phone.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a whole stake through the heart to put an end to these dastardly foes, but rather the flick of a switch.

What Are Energy Vampires?

Energy vampires are devices that continually drain electricity even when they are turned off.

As long as an electrical device is connected to the outlet, it is drawing power, even while off. As a result, some homeowners may find their electricity bills higher than they’d expect despite keeping electronics powered down.

How Can You Find Energy Vampires?

Energy vampires can be found anywhere an electrical device is plugged in. But if you want to know exactly how much energy they’re sucking out of your home, you’ll need a special piece of equipment called

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Finding Ghostly Air Leaks in Spooky Basements

Do you think your basement is spooky? Dimly lit, cool, possibly damp; all a recipe for a spooky basement. 

But there’s one other thing that can make a basement scary: energy inefficiency.

Basements can be a major source of energy inefficiency in states like Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

They are often not properly sealed (or develop air leaks after their construction in new homes), and if they have moisture buildup, it can lead to mold and other issues.

Tackling Ghosts in Your Basement

Your basement could be harboring ghosts! Well, maybe not actual ghosts, but certainly invisible air leaks.

Air leaks can be very difficult to find. A professional contractor can use a device like an infrared temperature gun to scan around windows, doors, and foundation cracks to quickly find air leaks.

However, if you’d like to find them yourself and do some DIY weather-stripping, you can find air leaks using

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Spooky Energy Savings This Halloween, Part 2

Ready for some Halloween festivities? In the second part of our spooky energy savings series, we’re looking at how you can save energy for the season.

Cutting Back the Cold

Cooler temps mean you won’t need to run your AC as much.

But when it comes to Halloween night, if you’re planning to hand out candy, forgo the AC altogether to save energy.

Every time you open the door to hand out candy to some costumed kids, you’re letting conditioned air out.

If the AC is on in your home, it will have to replenish the lost air every time the door opens, and that can add up to a lot of wasted energy.

Keeping the AC off for Halloween and just letting the autumn breezes cool your home will keep it pretty comfortable without the energy waste.

Spooky Lighting Saves Energy

How can you spook up your home without

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Spooky Energy Savings This Halloween, Part 1

If you like to get into the spirit of Halloween with decorating, you will be pleased to know that there are ways you can decorate with festive lights that won’t break your energy budget for the month.

LED powered light strings are nothing new; they’ve been a mainstay of holiday decorations for a few years now. And of course, other holiday festivities are getting a piece of the light-up action as well.

LED Light Strings

Whether you’re looking to set up a massive display of lights with music, or you just want to set up an awesome Stranger Things style letter wall, LED lights are going to be your go-to for energy saving.

LED light strings can serve a variety of purposes, from purely decorative to completely practical.

Lining the House
String lights up along the edges of your home to give it a spooky glow. more »

Lack of Funding Brings End to Low Income Assistance

On August 31st of this year, the Lite-Up Texas program ran out of funding and was forced to discontinue the low income assistance program.

Lite-Up Texas was a program that was designed to help low income families by offering discounts on their electricity bills. In 2015, there were 700,000 households that relied on the program to have reliable electricity for their homes.

The program helped lower energy bills by as much as 25% to 31%, which can be a major benefit for families scraping by all over the state of Texas.

In most cases, low income families are living paycheck to paycheck, not able to plan beyond the next set of bills. As a result, the cutoff of benefits from the Lite-Up Texas program may catch a lot of beneficiaries off guard.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) instructed electricity providers in the state to provide

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Texas Electricity Market Ranked Most Competitive in US

Texas has been free of monopolistic utilities (in most of the state) since 2002, and now the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) has announced in a report that Texas was announced as the most successful competitive electricity market in the nation.

The electricity market in Texas changed drastically in 2002 when it opened up competition between electricity providers. Providers would buy shares of electricity from generation facilities and sell the electricity at competitive rates to consumers.

Today, there are about 50 different energy providers in the state and more than 300 different energy plans available.

This means that consumers now have plenty of options when looking for cheap electricity in Texas.

According to the report, the average electricity rate fell 4.5% compared to last year and is also below the national average for electricity rates.

The open market and competition consistently drive prices down as businesses

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Wind Power is Making Cheap Electricity a Reality

In the heart of Texas lies a deep seeded love for oil and natural gas. The power output and affordability of these fuels make them highly sought commodities.

But in a world where fossil fuels are dying out, albeit slowly, and renewable energy is rising to take its place, can Texas make the jump from reliance on fossil fuels to clean energy?

If the readings from a cold, windy night in February are any indication, yes.

Blowing Away Energy Production

Texas has become home to the nation’s largest wind energy production. The large flat plains of Texas offer many opportunities to seize the power of the wind and use it to power the state’s energy needs.

Back in 1999, then-Governor George W. Bush led an initiative to overhaul the energy market in Texas. He wanted the market to open up to competition rather than be dominated by

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The Versatility of LED Bulbs

Until now, LED bulbs were expensive and only available in a few lighting applications.

As the LED market grew, many options became available. Standard household lamps could now use LED bulbs, but they always looked so cold compared to the warm glow of incandescent lights.

Further still, the average home had many different sockets to fill, and LEDs just weren’t versatile enough to accommodate all of them.

Today, it’s a different world for LED technology.

LED bulbs have advanced considerably in the last decade alone, bringing about bulbs that can mimic the color of incandescent bulbs, fit multiple types of sockets, and have come down in price to make them an affordable option for home lighting.

Finding the Right LED Bulbs


While in the days of incandescent bulb brightness was measured by the amount of energy they consumed, today they are measured by their actual level

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Wirelessly Control Objects with Wearable Technology

It’s a revolution in digital technology: Wearable Tech.

We’re not just talking about fitness trackers and smartwatches, no, we’re talking about adhesive circuit boards that allow you to wirelessly control objects like phones.

They aren’t quite tattoos (yet), but these gold leaf “stickers” are causing quite a stir among people.

DuoSkin, a temporary tattoo that was developed by the MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research, has given consumers a new way to control and manipulate digital media using their own skin as a user interface.

Uses of DuoSkin

The concept of it works in one of a few ways.

The first way works like a mouse touchpad on a laptop. Touching or sliding your fingers across the gold leaf sends signals through the circuitry to wirelessly transmit commands, such as playing the next track on your phone’s music player. The second way uses thermochromic displays to display more »

Reduce Texas Electricity Costs for Small Businesses

As we head into fall, and eventually winter, you may feel like greening up your office.

While you could add a few plants to do that, we’re mostly talking about reducing electricity usage.

There are a lot of things you can do to reduce Texas electricity costs by cutting back on wasted energy. Your office is a great place to work on this as many aspects can be improved upon.


Cutting the clutter and consolidating devices means there are fewer electricity hogs in your workspace.

A multi-function device (MFD) cuts your printer, scanner, and fax machine down to a single appliance, which is a 66% reduction in appliances. Instead of having 3 medium sized devices cluttering up your desk, try a single MFD that may be a tad bigger but will present huge savings.

You can further cut down on the number of appliances in your

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