Halloween Scares – Safety Precautions to Remember

Halloween is just a few days away! Perhaps you’re putting the finishing touches on your child’s costume. Maybe you have a spook-tastic haunted house set up. Whatever it is that you’re doing this year, don’t let any preventable Halloween scares ruin the night. There are a few safety guidelines to take into account when decorating your home, your yard, your kids, and yourself.

If you are purchasing Halloween costumes, be sure to purchase those that are flame resistant. If you plan to make your costumes, avoid using flammable materials.

Avoid using lanterns that have open flames in them. All it takes is a single knocked over candle to create a huge problem. Any lanterns you do use SHOULD NOT be contained in plastic housings of any kind. Any electrical decorations and props should have an electrical safety certification that tells you they have been tested and

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Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Winter is quickly approaching and with it comes higher energy bills. As the temperature drops, we start kicking on the heat to stay warm, and with the sun setting early, we turn on the lights earlier in the day and for longer periods of time. Fortunately, there are ways to take control of our energy costs. Most of them are free to implement, others require a small investment, and some require a larger investment. In the long run, all of them will help you save on energy and lower energy costs.

For starters, let’s look at lighting. It gets darker earlier in the day, so we need to run our lights for longer periods of time. By turning out the lights in rooms that are unoccupied, you can save a bundle on energy. Investing in more energy efficient light bulbs can save you even more! LED light

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The Source Customer Care Team Answers Illinois FAQs

There are so many options when it comes to choosing an alternative retail energy supplier (ARES) that it may feel overwhelming. The reason why there are so many to choose from is because of deregulation. Deregulation of the energy market broke the utilities’ hold over energy prices. Before, utilities were able to set the price for electricity and generally only offered a single “plan”. Now, several ARES compete against each other, offering different plans with different rates. This competition means that prices have dropped across the board.

How does deregulation work?

In many states, utilities still offer electricity service, but you are no longer required to purchase from them. Source Power & Gas is an alternative retail energy supplier that offers flexible term lengths, competitive rates, and special offers. However, you only purchase your electricity from the ARES; the reliability of your service is still related to

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The Source Customer Care Team Answers Ohio FAQs

Whether you’re just moving to Ohio from a regulated state or you’re looking into switching away from your current energy provider, there is a wealth of information to help you make that choice. Deregulation has drastically changed the way we get electricity. Where before there was only the utility and a single energy plan, you now have the power to choose an energy plan and company that suits your needs. Our customer care team is here to help!

How exactly does deregulation work?

It starts by breaking up the power structure of utilities. Utilities used to manage the power lines, read meters, set the cost for electricity, and deliver the electricity to you. Now, Ohio has what are called CRES, or Competitive Retail Electric Suppliers. Source Power & Gas is considered a CRES and our purpose is to offer energy plans with different contract lengths, power

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Don’t Be Left in the Dark – Halloween Energy Tips

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means there will be scares, candy, and energy efficiency for all, right? You bet! There are many ways to make your home child-friendly and safe for a night of trick or treating, and you can save electricity while doing so with these energy tips.

Typically, homeowners will leave their indoor and outdoor lights on to let trick or treaters know that they have a supply of treats available. You can still send this signal while keeping a spooky vibe going using candles and solar lights. Even if you don’t have candles or are leery of using them, you can string up some LED holiday lights. Instead of white or multicolored lights, you can use orange light strings to keep the spooky mood.

Consider making LED “eyes” in bushes as well. Using solar lamps to line the path to your door will help

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Know Your Energy: Nonrenewable and Renewable

Energy is all around us, taking many different forms and being used for many different purposes. Do you know your energy? Energy comes from generation facilities that are either renewable or nonrenewable. This energy is purchased in shares by retail energy providers (REPs) and sold to consumers. So, what types of energy are out there?

Nonrenewable energy sources are finite reserves of fuel. These include coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power.

— Coal – Coal is probably the most common fuel source used for generating energy. Coal burns at a high temperature, which heats steam to power turbines. Coal is a cheap fuel source that is very plentiful, but it also releases the most carbon into the atmosphere.

— Oil – Oil is a very common fuel source for transportation. Crude oil is extracted from oil fields, then refined by boiling the different

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The Source Customer Care Team Answers New Jersey FAQs

If you’re moving to New Jersey or are looking to switch to a new energy provider, you may have some questions. The truth is, shopping for electricity is a pretty simple process, but it could be difficult to make a choice with so many options available.

Will switching to another provider impact my electric service?

Don’t let energy companies pull the wool over your eyes by saying their electricity service is better than anyone else’s. Retail energy providers (REPs) don’t control the flow of electricity – the local utility maintains the power lines and manages the flow. If you are switching REPs, but not moving, you will keep the same utility. The utility company maintains and manages the power lines, but they are also responsible for reading your electricity meter.

What goes into the search for an electricity provider?

When looking for the rates offered by a

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The Source Customer Care Team Answers Maryland FAQs

Though we started in Texas, Source Power & Gas has extended into additional areas in deregulated markets in several states. Today, we will examine the benefits and frequently asked questions for Maryland residents. Maryland deregulated their energy markets in 1999, which allowed for customers to choose their energy provider rather than have it dictated by where they live. Deregulation not only gives customers the power to choose, but also opens up the market for competition, which ultimately results in lower energy prices.

What is the difference between an electricity supplier and my utility company?

Prior to deregulation, your electricity was supplied by the local utility that was typically determined by where you live in Maryland. The utility would set the rate for electricity and would be responsible for getting the electricity to you. You would generally only have one available energy plan and would have to pay

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Energy Awareness Month with Source Power & Gas

For many, October is well known for Halloween parties, trick or treating, and costumes galore. For us, it’s about energy awareness! The U.S. Department of Energy has designated October as National Energy Awareness Month, during which it aims to increase the awareness and benefits of energy efficiency. In the past, the Department of Energy partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency to promote the “Change a Light, Change the World” campaign. This campaign demonstrated how changing from outdated incandescent bulbs to energy efficient CFLs and LEDs to reduce energy consumption, sometimes netting a company extra benefits like tax deductions for using these more efficient technologies.

Being Energy Aware

Energy awareness at its core is supposed to highlight the benefit of being green, which isn’t limited to just light bulbs. You can be energy efficient about running your AC or heat, cooking, or driving. You could use programmable or

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Danger! When to Call Your Utility about Electrical Issues

Your utility is responsible for delivering electricity to your home. If for some reason there is an interruption with your service as a result of weather or other natural phenomenon, you should contact them before anything else. Whenever you encounter a situation that poses a hazard from electrical distribution lines, contact your local utility immediately and do not under any circumstances touch wires.

During instances of high winds or an accident, telephone poles may get knocked down. A falling tree may snap power lines. If there are any power lines within reach, do NOT touch them. Treat every power line as if it is live. Do not touch power lines with any objects. Even wood, a non-conductive material, can react with dangerous effects when coming into contact with power lines. You should never climb fences into power substations either. Much of the equipment in substations is highly

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